I Control

Monitoring an Opolis E-Mail once Sent

Opolis is a high-security E-Mail service. The Power to the Sender concept of Opolis allows the sender to protect, control and monitor all sent messages. With Opolis, it is always the sender of an E-Mail who has ultimate authority and control over the flow of messages and its attachments.

The "I Control" feature is a key element embedded in the Opolis service: The sender of an Opolis E-Mail can constantly and live monitor its status once sent. Therefore, the sender can follow the whole track of an Opolis E-Mail and also - if permission given - to whom an Opolis E-Mail has been forwarded to and what this recipient has actually done with that message and its attachments.

The rationale for Opolis: When an E-Mail is sent with a standard E-Mail application, then usually the sender loses all authority over the E-Mail and its content the moment the Send button is pressed. In standard E-Mail applications messages cannot be tracked and the sender does not know what actually has happened with them, how they were processed or to whom these were further forwarded. For example: Not only that Opolis Users can decide whether an Opolis E-Mail may be forwarded. The sender of an Opolis E-Mail will also be able to monitor the entire trail of the message and to whom the Opolis E-Mail was forwarded to. - The sender of an Opolis E-Mail can immediately monitor and see whether a recipient has safely received a message or - if allowed to - whether and how many times it was printed out. In essence, Opolis makes E-Mail security visible.

Hence, based on the "I Control" feature the sender of an Opolis E-Mail can – among others - just by mouse click see:

  • When an Opolis E-Mail was safely received by the recipient;

  • When the recipient of an Opolis E-Mail must have seen that a message has arrived;

  • When the recipient has actually opened the Opolis E-Mail;

  • How many times a recipient has opened or - if allowed - printed an Opolis E-Mail; or

  • To whom - if allowed - an Opolis E-Mail has been forwarded and - again - what this recipient has done with the Opolis E-Mail.

  • These features also extend to any attachments of an Opolis E-Mail.

    Therefore, in combining the "I Protect", "I Decide" and "I Control" features the Sender will always have the authority and full ownership over the content of an Opolis E-Mail message. In essence, with Opolis the power is shifted from the recipient of a message (as is the case with standard E-Mail applications) to the sender.