I Decide

What a Recipient can do with my Opolis E-Mail

Opolis is a high-security E-Mail service. The Power to the Sender concept of Opolis allows the sender to protect, control and monitor all sent messages. With Opolis, it is always the sender of an E-Mail who has ultimate authority and control over the flow of messages and its attachments.

The "I Decide" feature is a key element embedded in the Opolis service: The sender of an Opolis E-Mail decides - simply by a mouse-click - whether the recipient may copy, print, respond to or forward a message to another Opolis User or not. Opolis E-Mails can also be retrieved (i.e. pulled back) as long as the recipient has not already opened the message. Further, the sender of an Opolis E-Mail can also set a certain maturity for a message (i.e. from when till when a message can be read).

The rationale for Opolis: When an E-Mail is sent with a standard E-Mail application, then usually the sender loses all authority over the E-Mail and its content the moment the Send button is pressed. In essence, the sender needs to rely on the integrity of the recipient that neither message content not related information to it will be manipulated or mis-used. For example, with standard E-Mail applications the sender has to trust the recipient of a message that its content will be treated confidentially. However, if the recipient forwarded this (confidential) message to any third persons - by breaching the senderĀ“s trust - the sender has no chance to avoid this. And, all this can happen without the originator of the message even knowing.

The Opolis "I Decide" features empower the Sender to decide just by a mouse-click, whether the Recipient of an Opolis E-Mail is actually allowed to:

  • Copy any text message content out of an Opolis E-Mail;

  • Print an Opolis E-Mail;

  • Forward an Opolis E-Mail to another Opolis User; or

  • Reply to an Opolis E-Mail.

    Therefore, the Sender will always have the authority and full ownership over the content of an Opolis E-Mail message. In essence, with Opolis the power is shifted from the recipient of a message (as is the case with standard E-Mail applications) to the sender.