Power to the Sender

Opolis ensures that the Sender has the ultimate authority over E-Mails and can monitor live the message flow

When an E-Mail is sent with a standard E-Mail application, then usually the sender loses all authority over the E-Mail and its content the moment the Send button is pressed. Leaving aside that standard E-Mails can be easily intercepted and read by unauthorised parties, in essence the sender has to trust the recipient that the content of E-Mail and its attachments will not be mis-used or even manipulated. And, all this can happen without the originator of the message even knowing. - For example, E-Mails can - intentionally or accidentially - be forwarded to third persons who should never have received the message. Correcting even an accidental mishap and trying to pull back an E-Mail before it is opened by the - wrong - recipient is virtually impossible, once several servers were involved in the transmission.

Opolis is directly addressing these concerns - among many others - by shifting "Power to the Sender", in particuar to the originator of a message. Hence, Opolis considers all messages and attachments as strictly confidential and hands the ultimative authority over all messages to the sender. In implementing this, the philosophy of Opolis is based on three principles: "I Protect", "I Decide" and "I Control".

"I Protect": Secure Transmission and Storage of Opolis E-Mails

  • Opolis E-Mails are immediatly encrypted when sent and can only be decrypted and read by the authorised recipient. Hence, Opolis E-Mails cannot be read by anyone else whilst these are transmitted or safely stored on the Opolis server system. Opolis uses Public-Private Key technology for encryption and the services of iTrust as a registry of public keys for Opolis Users. Opolis also ensures that neither message content nor information in relation to the message flow can be manipulated or falsified.

  • "I Decide": What a Recipient can do with my Opolis E-Mail

  • Due to its unique architecture, Opolis offers its Users the I Decide feature: The Sender of an Opolis E-Mail decides simply by a mouse-click whether the Recipient is allowed to copy, forward, respond to or print the message.

  • Opolis E-Mails can also be retrieved (i.e. pulled back) as long as the Recipient has not already opened the message. Further, the Sender of an Opolis E-Mail can also set a certain maturity for a message (i.e. from when till when a message can be read).

  • "I Control": Monitoring an Opolis E-Mail once Sent.

  • The Sender of an Opolis E-Mail can constantly and live monitor its status once sent.

  • Hence, the Sender can – among others - just by mouse click see when an Opolis E-Mail was safely received by the Recipient, when the Recipient has actually opened the Opolis E-Mail or – if allowed to do so – to whom the Opolis E-Mail has been forwarded. This feature also extends to all attachments of an Opolis E-Mail.